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Looking After Different Types of Garden Furniture

Looking After Different Types of Garden Furniture

It’s extremely important that you look after your garden furniture, no matter what type it is; periodic and thorough cleaning can keep outdoor furniture in top shape for many years. How you maintain your furniture all depends on what it’s made from. Let’s take a look at what types of maintenance need to be carried […]

Building Your Own Vertical Garden with a Pallet

Pallet Garden

Vertical garden or “pallet gardens” are becoming increasingly popular with many homeowners choosing to use them where space is at a premium especially in town houses and rooftop apartments. They can come in all shapes and sizes some scaling high up the side of the wall, others just sitting nicely in an offices small back […]

5 Tips for Starting a Sustainable Vegetable Garden

Sustainable Vegetable Garden

Make no doubts about it, when it comes to sustainable living, a fruit and veg garden are right up there on list of must haves. Just because you grow your own vegetables, doesn’t mean it’s totally ecofriendly though. Here are our top 5 tips to make your gardening efforts even greener, help the bank balance […]