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The Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers for 2021: Who Makes the Best Trimmer On the Market Right Now

Best hedge trimmer

If you’ve got a garden then chances are that you’ve got at least one hedge. Hedges are a great way of marking your property boundary in an attractive way, but they do have one issue: upkeep. Hedge maintenance can be costly (if you employ someone to do it for you) and time-consuming (if you do […]

Best Gardening Gloves – Which Gardening Gloves Should You Buy?

The Best Gardening Gloves - Reviewed and Compared

If you’re looking into buying gardening equipment, then gardening gloves might not be top of your list. In fact, few first-time gardeners think about gloves, they’re too busy considering tools and plants. Spend more than an afternoon gardening though, and you’ll find that great gloves are suddenly a priority. So, how do you go about […]

Store Outdoor Cushions and More with the Best Garden Storage Boxes

The Best Garden Storage Boxes

Having a garden is a fantastic opportunity to get some fresh air, to be creative in your gardening, and to make sure the kids get some exercise. However, many property owners are surprised at just how much stuff gets left outside. And whilst your home might have cupboards, your garden probably doesn’t. Fortunately, there are […]

Best Secateurs – Which Garden Secateurs Should You Buy?


If you’re in any way serious about gardening then you really need a great pair of secateurs. This is one tool that even novices need to buy. Keeping your garden looking great and your fingers intact are both important considerations! But just how should you go about making sure that you’re getting the right tool […]