What to Do with Your Garden Before You Sell Your House


If you’re selling your house you’ve probably already done some maintenance. Painted the bathroom, plastered over that hole in the wall, and made sure that the carpets are clean and the living room is tidy. What about your garden though? The outside of your property is what makes the first impression on potential buyers, which means that tidying up your garden should be just as much of a priority as dealing with the inside of your home. What do you need to take care of? We’ve got the does and don’ts of gardens for those looking to sell their homes!

Why Is This Important?

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Not only does the look of your property make a first impression, having a nice, well maintained garden adds value to your house. The estate agents call this “curbside appeal” and you could be adding thousands of pounds of value to your home simply by making the outside look nice. And you don’t need to be a pro gardener either! Most of these tips are super easy and only take a few minutes!

Don’t Have Your Bins Out

Rule number one is to get rid of those unsightly wheelie bins. If you’ve got a bin store, great, lock them away. If you don’t at the very least move your bins so that they’re not at the front of your property. In an alleyway is ideal, but you can also put them in the back garden if necessary.

Do Have Clear Walkways

All garden paths should be clear. That means no toys or rocks in the way. But it also means that overhanging plants and trees should be cut back to provide easy access. A potential buyer will want to have a good look around your outside property, and clear walkways mean that he or she can get around easily.

Do Mow the Lawn

It sounds like a no-brainer, but a neatly mown lawn makes a great first impression. And while you’re at it, trim the edges of the lawn too so that there’s a neat line of grass around flowerbeds and down the sides of pathways.

Don’t Be Unkempt

If you’ve got flowerbeds or bays at the edge of your garden then weed them and prune the flowers or plants there. Just make them look neat and tidy. If you’re willing to go the extra mile then invest in some mulch and cover the base of the beds with it to give you a nice, professionally clean look.

Do Consider Doing Some Work

A few nice flowers, a splash of colour, some neat hedges, they all go towards making your property look nice and marketable. It could be worth your time hitting the garden centre and spending a weekend in the garden planting and clearing up just to make things look pretty.

Don’t Leave Your Car Blocking the View

Seriously. Potential buyers want a nice, full view of the house they’ve come to look at. That means not leaving your car parked on the street right outside your house if at all possible. Yes, you can leave it in the driveway or in the garage, but you might want to consider moving it to give viewers the best possible view of your home, as well as to give them easy access when looking around.

Do Clean Up

Obviously, you’ll need to clean up a little. This might mean picking up the kids toys or tools and putting them away. However, you might also want to consider washing down garden furniture, decking and patios to make sure that your garden is really seen in the best light.

Do Consider Your Garden a Selling Point

A great garden can sell a house. Getting your garden professionally landscaped, or even adding features like a pool, pond, or gazebo can really seal the deal for potential buyers. Yes, you’ll be making an investment, but you can expect to make that money back on a higher selling price, so it might be worth putting the time and effort in.

Do Get Rid of Things

Whether it’s the old, broken down shed, a plant that’s never blossomed, or an old dead tree, get rid of things that could be problematic. A potential buyer doesn’t want to see a garden that “needs work.” They want to see a garden that they can use immediately. That means getting rid of furniture, structures, or plants that just aren’t up to scratch.

Do Maintain What You Have

A fresh coat of stain, replacing a broken pane of glass in the greenhouse, power washing outside brickwork, all these things are simple to do. And all of them send a message: this property is well maintained inside and out. Fix the little things, buyers do notice them.

Do Make it Welcoming

A few comfy chairs, a sprinkler, some nice flower pots on the patio, all serve to make your garden look welcoming. You want buyers to want to sit in your garden, you want them to want to be there. So make it a place where they can’t help but sit down for a few minutes and contemplate what life would be like living in this fantastic space.

Don’t Forget the Small Spaces

If you’ve got a courtyard, balcony or patio, sweep it, wash it, and put some nice potted plants around the edges. Don’t neglect window boxes either, clear out old plants and soil and replace them (or at least leave the boxes empty). And if you’ve got a passage or alleyway to the side of your home make sure it’s swept and hosed down and that buyers can easily navigate it.

Selling your home is a big undertaking. But forgetting about your garden, which can be such a huge selling point, will make your job even more difficult. A pleasant, well maintained outside space makes a great first impression and can make the difference between a buyer and a non-buyer, as well as adding thousands to the price you can sell your property for.

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