Lead Time Update

4 bin 2 box

We understand that there is a lot of uncertainty at this time surrounding the Coronavirus, so we would like to keep customers informed of the lead time situation at Wheelie Bin Storage Direct.

Current Lead Times

Last Updated October 6th 2021.

Due to high demand, we are currently operating on a lead time of 4-6 weeks. Please see below for frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Still Order?

Yes, you can order as normal by adding the product to your basket and checking out.

Do you think the lead time will come down?

Yes, it should be back to a more normal level later in the year.

Will you keep your prices the same for all of 2021?

In April 2021, we were forced to raise prices on the entire range, this is due to surging timber prices which you can read about here.

I want to place an order but can you speed up delivery if I pay extra?

This is not an option we offer. All orders are manufactured chronologically as this is the fairest way to operate and ensures a level playing field for all customers. Any order placed is processed and then entered into the queue for production, with the newest orders joining the back of the queue.

I would rather wait until lead times are normalised before I order at all, can you email me?

Yes, use the form below and we'll email you with updates on lead times when they are back to normal levels later in the year. This is purely an update notification service, there is no obligation to order, you aren't joining a queue and we won't be sending any other marketing materials.

    I have already placed an order, when will it be delivered?

    Please use our live chat during working hours or submit a ticket outside working hours and we'll get back to you. Depending on when your order was placed we will be able to provide a delivery day, a narrower delivery window or an estimate of when it will enter production and be ready for dispatch.

    7 thoughts on “Lead Time Update

    1. Susan Woolf says:

      Just wanted to say thank you for being open and honest with your delivery times. Will be placing our order tomorrow once measured and will wait patiently for delivery.

    2. Helen Hanson says:

      Hi Sam
      I have just placed an order for a quad bin store is it 35 days lead time on delivery from today or is there any chance it may be shorter time frame? Thanks Helen

      • Sam says:


        As of the 6th of May, our lead time is 35 working days.

        Chances of that being less are slim as we’ve had an influx of orders.


    3. Stephen Patton says:

      Hi, can I ask what the lead time is for a bellus-double-wheelie-bin-and-recycling-box-storage, for 180L bins, thankyou, hope all is well.

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