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Log Stores – High Quality Outdoor Wooden Log Storage

Got an open fire or wood burner? Constantly got logs piling up in your garden? Then a log store could be a great investment. Our premium log stores are designed to your firewood dry and safe. Whether you require a log store just to store a handful of logs, or a larger log store to fuel your whole property, our Ignis log stores are a great choice. Available in two sizes, double and triple the stores are made from pressure treated timber and include shelves. An optional deck base can also be purchased.

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Why Buy a Log Store?

A log store is basically a box with an open front and a roof that stores your cut wood. Due to that open front, you'll easily be able to stack your logs inside and remove them whenever you need them. Plus, that roof means dry wood! And because the store is both covered and open at the front, even damp wood will quickly dry out thanks to air circulation.

A log store can be a great investment. Firstly, it's going to make your garden look neat and tidy, no more random piles of logs! Secondly, we all know that dry wood burns faster and better, and with a log store, you'll always have dry fuel to burn. And, of course, a store is an attractive addition to your property too.

Why You Need Dry Logs

Freshly cut wood can contain up to almost half of its weight in water. The water content makes the wood much harder burn. It is possible to burn freshly cut green wood but it's harder to light and it produces more smoke and far less heat, so for heating a home, it's not going to work.

To reduce the moisture content in the logs and ensure they provide a more efficient form of fuel for your fire, the logs must be seasoned. Seasoned logs are lighter, darker in colour, sound more hollow when you bang them on the floor or onto another log. Seasoned or dried logs with low moisture content burn a lot better than green wood and will heat up your wood burner or fire faster and for longer.

To dry wood, you let it sit outside in the sun and let the fresh air do its work. Since the UK doesn't have the most reliable weather, you'll often see logs covered by tarpaulin but if you're looking for a slightly better-looking approach to fending off the rain, your best option for seasoning and storing firewood is a log store.

Our log stores are wooden pent roofed open faced stores and come complete with slatted shelves to let the air circulate. The mineral felt roof protects it from the rain.

Where to Install Your New Log Store?

The ideal spot for a wooden log store is in a place that's sheltered from the elements but in a well-aired area that will capture the breeze.

Our log stores require a level base so a paved or concrete base is the best surface to assemble your log store on. It provides level ground for stability and reduces the amount of moisture compared to placing it on soil or grass. If location is a problem, all our log stores come with the option of a deck base which takes the unit off the ground.

We recommend putting the log store in an easily accessible area and close to your back door. It might look great at the end of the garden, but when it is cold outside in winter, you do not really want to be traipsing back and forth when it's pouring with rain or snowing.

Key Features on all our Ignis Log Stores

  • Includes Shelves
  • Protected with Mineral Roofing Felt
  • Easy to assemble
  • Complete with all fixtures and fittings
  • Free delivery to the vast majority of UK postcodes
  • Pressure treated wood
  • Timber from sustainable FSC certified sources
  • 10 year guarantee against rot
  • Optional Deck Base

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If you frequently need chopped wood, then a log store is going to be a great investment for you. They even come in different sizes, storing as much or as little wood as you need. So say goodbye to an untidy garden, and start shopping for a log store today.