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Triple Wheelie Bin Storage – Store Away 3 Wheelie Bins

Hate seeing those council wheelie bins on your property? Then get yourself a wheelie bin storage unit! A triple bin storage unit is designed for three standard sized wheelie bins, or a combination of rubbish wheelie bins and recycling wheelie bins if you prefer, and is the perfect size for a large household. Check out our range of triple wheelie bin covers below.


Triple Wheelie Bin Storage

Bellus Triple Wheelie Bin Chest

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Rated 5.00 out of 5

Why Do I Want Wheelie Bin Storage?

Why do you need one of these units? Tons of reasons! Of course, maybe the most important for many people is that a wheelie bin storage unit is going to hide those ugly, smelly bins from sight. You'll also be preventing damage to your bin from bad weather, or tipping due to high winds, and it will be much harder for random passers-by to use your bin too!

You're buying a wooden structure that surrounds your bins and hides them away. Doors that open from the front make it easy to load and unload bins, whilst lift up lids make it easy to access your bin when it's in the unit. Hard wearing and attractive too, this can be a great addition to your garden.

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Most of us these days have wheelie bins, but that doesn't mean that you have to see them every time you look out of the window! Get yourself a great looking wheelie bin storage unit and you'll never see your bin again!