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Wheelie Bin & Recycling Box Combination Storage

Ever wonder just what you’re supposed to do with those ugly wheelie bins and recycling boxes? Then you’ll want to check out our wheelie bin and recycle box stores. Specifically designed to keep your property looking great, you’ll never need see those bins and boxes again! Check out our range of recycling bin storage below.


Bin & Box Combination Storage

Bellus Quad Bin and 2 Recycling Box Storage


What are Wheelie Bin and Recycle Box Stores?

Our wheelie bin and recycling box stores are wooden chests designed to accommodate a combination of bins and council recycling boxes. Units come in single, double, triple, quad or quintet sizes, meaning there's either one, two or three, four or five compartments. Depending on the configuration you buy, there will be room for standard sized wheelie bins, and at least one of these compartments will be come with two shelves to fit two standard sized recycling boxes.

There are front opening doors for easy loading and unloading, as well as lifting lids for access to your bin and the top recycling box.

Why Buy a Recycling Box Store?

Most people invest in these stores simply because they hide ugly bins and boxes. But a storage unit will also protect your bins and boxes from the elements (particularly important with open recycling boxes), and will prevent others from using them without your permission.

You don't have to see those wheelie bins and recycling boxes, hiding them away is simple. A wheelie bin and recycling box store will let you keep your property looking good, it's a purchase you're not going to regret!

About Our Wooden Bin and Recycling Box Stores

Our Bellus range of wheelie bin and recycling box storage chests are designed to hideaway a combination of bins and boxes. Our best seller is the Bellus Double Bin and 2 Recycle Box Store which stores two 240 litre wheelie bins and two standard size recycle boxes.

Irrespective of the size you buy, all of our recycling box stores all share the same characteristics: they're fully compartment units, with each compartment having its own lid and door for independent access.

The timber is manufactured into a tongue and groove board design and all the wood used in the construction of our stores is pressure treated. This is wood that's gone through a treatment in a large pressure vessel and this case impregnated with tanalith e. This is a unique combination of copper and organic biocide ingredients that's been around for over 20 years and is a proven performer around the world in providing the very best protection for timber.

Key Features of The Bellus Range of Recycling Box Storage Chests

  • Disguise multiple wheelie bins and recycling boxes
  • Flat Packed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Complete with all fixtures and fittings
  • Free delivery to the vast majority of UK postcodes
  • Pressure treated wood
  • Timber from sustainable FSC certified sources
  • 10 year guarantee against rot
  • Comes complete with shelves that can be installed at any height