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Single Wheelie Bin Storage

Getting sick and tired of looking at dirty, smelly wheelie bins? Then why not invest in a singe wheelie bin storage unit? It could be the ideal solution to your problem! Check out our range of high quality single wheelie bin stores below.

Single Wheelie Bin Storage

Bellus Single Wheelie Bin Chest

Rated 4.75 out of 5
£364.99 £339.99
Rated 4.50 out of 5
£264.99 £249.99

Why Get Wheelie Bin Storage?

A wheelie bin storage unit is basically a small shed designed to fit around your wheelie bin. It's got a door to keep things safe, and a lid so that you can access your bin easily. Usually made from wood, these units are attractive additions to your garden too!

But why invest in one? Firstly, there's the matter of aesthetics. Nobody wants to look at those ugly wheelie bins, right? But there are other considerations too. Leaving your bin outside can mean that other people use it, animals are attracted to it, and even that it can be damaged or tipped over in bad weather. With a wheelie bin storage unit, none of these things are going to be a problem anymore!