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Double Wheelie Bin Storage – Disguise 2 Wheelie Bins

When it comes to making your garden look appealing, there’s no hiding from the fact that wheelie bins look dreadful. We have a range of solutions to conceal two wheelie bins. For households that also have recycle boxes, combination garden storage structures are available to keep everything together and out of sight. Check out our double wheelie bin storage units below.

Double Wheelie Bin Storage

Bellus Double Wheelie Bin Storage Chest


Why Buy a Double Wheelie Bin Storage Chest?

Wheelie bin stores are a wooden garden structure designed for the specific purpose of housing your wheelie bins. Front opening doors allow the bins to be effortlessly manoeuvred into and out of the unit, with a lid opening system to make disposing of your rubbish and recyclable materials incredibly simple. Sourced from FSC certified forests, the timber that goes into each of our products is robust yet visually appealing, making it a great addition to any garden.

The reasons for investing in a double wheelie bin store can vary. Many homeowners like the instant aesthetic improvements that the store provides and the peace of mind that the bins are safe, secure and out of the way of children and animals. Each product can be painted to match the theme of your garden, simply click on a product to learn more.

Double Wheelie Bin Storage: What You Need To Know

Our Bellus Double Wheelie Bin Storage chests keep two wheelie bins fully out of sight. The most popular double wheelie bin store is for 2 x 240-litre wheelie bins which are historically the most common household size.

However, with many UK councils looking to reduce the amount of waste produced, we also produce stores for the smaller 140-litre and 180-litre wheelie bins.

Our modular approach to manufacturing allows us to produce combination stores so if you have 1 x 240-litre wheelie bin and 1 x 140-litre wheelie bin this isn't an issue. You can see all the possible configurations the product pages and if you have any questions about the size you need our customer service on live chat can help you figure out which unit will work best.

Irrespective of the size of the double wheelie bin chest you guy, they all share the same characteristics: they are 2 compartment units with each section having its own lid and door for independent access.

Like all our bin stores, our double wheelie bin stores are fully enclosed units with a solid back and side pieces made from tongue and groove boards. The timber used has been pressure treated with tanalith e which is used to give the store a longer life. The wood is impregnated with a combination of copper and organic biocide ingredients that's been around for over 20 years and is a proven performer around the world in providing the very best protection for timber.

Key Features on all our Double Wheelie Bin Storage Solutions

  • Store 2 wheelie bins away
  • Flat Packed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Complete with all fixtures and fittings
  • Free delivery to the vast majority of UK postcodes
  • Pressure treated wood
  • Timber from sustainable FSC certified sources
  • 10-year guarantee against rot