Bellus Triple Wheelie Bin Storage Chest

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Are you tired of looking at the wheelie and recycling bins in the garden? Then it would help if you had this stylish triple wheelie bin storage chest. This triple store is designed to hold three wheelie bins and is a fully enclosed, four-sided unit. Made right here in the UK from only top quality pressure-treated timber, you can have a great-looking property but still have easy access to all your bins.

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About the Bellus Triple Wheelie Bin Storage Chest

  • Storage for three wheelie bins
  • Fully enclosed four-sided unit with three opening doors and lids
  • Free Standing
  • Pressure-treated timber from renewable sources
  • Flat packed with clear easy to assemble instructions, fixtures and fittings.
  • Automatic bin lid opening via connecting chain
  • Made in the UK
  • Ten-year guarantee against rot

Why a Bin Store?

Let's be honest here; bins are unsightly. Nearly everyone these days has council wheelie bins and maybe even recycling bins too, but nobody wants to look at them. They're ugly, they smell bad, and they take away from the kerbside appeal of your property. That's where a bin store comes in. This lets you hide those bins away, and yet you'll still be able to get to them quickly when you need them.

How Big?

This chest is a triple, so it's designed to fit three bins, either traditional wheelie bins for a large family or wheelie bins plus large recycling bins. Wheelie bins come in different dimensions, though, so you'll need to measure your bins and decide which size is right for you. At the bottom of this page, there is a size guide if you are unsure. The standard household bin is 240 litres, so that's the one you'll need in most cases, but please do check. We stock the Bellus triple in three main sizes:

Standard Sizes

Triple Wheelie Bin Storage for 3 x 140/180 Litre Bins

  • External Product Dimensions: 1200 x 1805 x 804 mm (H/W/D)
  • Internal Product Dimensions: 1090 x 540-540-540 (Each Compartment) x 750 mm (H/W/D)
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Triple Wheelie Bin Storage for 3 x 240 Litre Bins

  • External Product Dimensions: 1200 x 2142 x 804 mm (H/W/D)
  • Internal Product Dimensions: 1090 x 650-650-650 (Each Compartment) x 750 mm (H/W/D)
View Tech Drawing

Combination Sizes

Triple Wheelie Bin Storage for 2 x 240 Litre Bins and 1 x 140/180 Litre Wheelie Bin

  • External Product Dimensions: 1200 x 2030 x 804 mm (H/W/D)
  • Internal Product Dimensions: 1090 x 650-650-540 (Each Compartment) x 750 mm (H/W/D)
View Tech Drawing

Triple Wheelie Bin Storage for 1 x 240 Litre Bin and 2 x 140/180 Litre Wheelie Bins

  • External Product Dimensions: 1200 x 1920 x 804 mm (H/W/D)
  • Internal Product Dimensions: 1090 x 650-540-540 (Each Compartment) x 750 mm (H/W/D)
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We can also offer storage for 360 litre wheelie bins.

What Kind of Materials?

This is no shoddy product. You don't want to invest in this only to have your bin store fall apart! This triple chest store is made from the highest quality pressure-treated redwood. That means durability since redwood is the hardest softwood, and that pressure treatment makes the wood more impervious to dampness. Whether your store is sitting in the rain, snow or burning sun, it'll be a long time before you need to buy a new one. You might want to treat the chest with a stain once a year to keep it looking fantastic.

Did we mention this is a UK product? Made in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, this chest lets you support the domestic economy. Want to help the environment too? Then don't worry, since all the high-quality wood used here comes from renewable resources.

What Else Should I Know?

There are a few more things that you should know about this excellent bin store. The lid features a connecting chain that lets you attach the lid of the bin to the lid of the store, you can then lift both lids with one hand, so you won't need to put that rubbish bag down on the floor.

What about when the bin men come? Not to worry, three individual front-opening doors make it easy to roll your bins in and out. Those doors bolt, too, though if you want some added security, you can opt for a hasp that will let you padlock the doors – we can fit this for a nominal cost, so just send us a message before ordering. All bolts, hinges and handles are made of black japanned metal.

Finally, the bin store is self-standing, meaning you can put it anywhere you like. It is possible to anchor the store to the ground if you wish, but we provide a galvanised floor bar that run under the doors; this adds extra stability and helps the doors hang truer.

Bottom Line Time

Sick of the sight of those bins? Then grab this Triple Chest Wheelie Bin Store while you can! It's supplied flat-packed with easy-to-follow instructions, and it'll only take an hour or two to build. Finally, you can have a great-looking garden without those stinky bins standing around.

Wheelie Bin Size Guide

In most instances, the size wheelie bin cover you will need is the 240-litre model. This is the standard household wheelie bin size in the United Kingdom. If you aren't sure what size bin you have to measure them up against our size guide:

wheelie bin size guide

Additional information
Dimensions N/A
Product Type

Wheelie Bin Store

Available Sizes

3 x 240 Litre Bins, 3 x 140/180 Litre Bins, 2 x 240 + 1 x 140/180 Litre Bins, 1 x 240 + 2 x 140/180 Litre Bins

Renewably Sourced


Key Features

10 Year Guarantee, Complete with All Fixtures + Fittings, Flat Packed, Free Standing


Made in the UK


Pressure Treated Redwood with Tanalith



Reviews (78)

78 reviews for Bellus Triple Wheelie Bin Storage Chest

  1. BD – Bristol (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Triple Bin Store to replace my old one that lasted only three years. The Bellus looks desirable and has a much better build quality. After extensive research across the internet, this model stood out as the best for price versus quality. Although I consider myself a reasonable DIYer, I needed some help to hold the doors and lids in place while screwing in the hinges. Overall, it took me about an hour and 45 minutes to assemble. My only suggestion would be to enlarge the annotations on diagrams, as I had to use a magnifying glass to see the details due to my poor vision. Alternatively, Wheelie Bin Storage Direct could put the instructions on the website for easier access. Overall, it is a great product.

  2. Susan Halfpenny (verified owner)

    I am a retired woman who lives alone. Despite that, I could assemble this without facing significant challenges and only required an extra pair of hands to fit the doors and lids. I painted the pieces before putting them together, and it took me a few days to complete the task. Although some of the non-visible wood was slightly rough, it wasn’t anything too serious. Those who have seen my bin store have praised it, and two individuals even asked for the supplier’s information.

  3. Ron P (verified owner)

    It took some effort to sort out the relevant parts and assemble them correctly. As mentioned in the product instructions, having a second pair of hands makes the assembly process easier, but it can still be done alone with more time and effort. The instructions were unclear, and some of the printed measurements were too small to read. The most important thing is to have it on a level surface, but unfortunately, mine is not, so I had to do even more adjusting. The delivery agent tried to contact me several times regarding delivery, but they didn’t leave any messages, so I had to follow up with them. Eventually, it was delivered as arranged.

  4. Mary Firpington (verified owner)

    Was contacted shortly after placing the order to measure my 180L bin. Thankfully they did as it wouldn’t have fit! Delivery didn’t arrive on the agreed date due to van breakdown but this was dealt with smoothly. Wonderful CS, highly recommend thanks. Mary F, Surrey.

  5. H&S Property Group (verified owner)

    Needed 10 units quickly for a completed site. Delivery was booked in directly with a representative which is a great touch these days. Will reorder on future projects.

  6. Keith (verified owner)

    Great wheelie bin storage, good quality, arrived on time, fairly simple to put together however would definitely recommend having someone to help assemble it.
    Looks great at the front of my house.
    Would definitely recommend.

  7. Sue Graves (verified owner)

    A pleasant lady phoned me a few days after ordering to guide me through the delivery process. I was able to pick a day my husband wasn’t working. Excellent service from the team and a lovely product to tidy up the front of our house. Thanks, Susan.

  8. James Price (verified owner)

    Great quality, easy to assemble nice and sturdy.

  9. J Field (verified owner)

    Excellent quality bin store and assembly was straightfoward.

    The timber is good quality and the grooves for the panels allow them to slow together nicely before using the supplied brackets to secure it together.

  10. Rachel Collins (verified owner)

    Wish it came with a metal strut for the front to keep it rigid, they give brackets to screw it to the floor, but having just paid thousands for composite decking I don’t wish to screw things to it, how would you do this if it were on gravel etc. Other than this it is a two man job and the directions aren’t very clear but more stylish than the bins.

  11. LJ (verified owner)

    Very happy with quality and look of the bin storage

  12. Colin Charter (verified owner)

    My triple storage bin shed is my pride and joy in the garden. It was well worth the wait for it to be made which was no fault of the manufacturer. Thank you v good product and materials

  13. Wendy Wilson (verified owner)

    The triple storage was easy to assemble and keeps my bin and waste boxes out of sight. Really pleased with the end results.

  14. T Dolan (verified owner)

    Well made product, delivery was around 20 working days but this was advised and they did keep us in the loop when we needed updates.

  15. Alison Dyer (verified owner)

    Good quality product. Well designed. Delivery excellent. Dealt with enquiry well.

  16. Pat (verified owner)

    Delivered quickly, looks great when assembled.

  17. Joanne (verified owner)

    Great product and service. We have painted ours after waiting a couple of months as per your recommendation and we are very happy.

  18. Roy (verified owner)

    It looks great and hides away those unsightly bins.

  19. Judith (verified owner)

    A splendid looking unit however I would have liked it even more if there was some form of ventilation or filtration system for odour control of our bins. Instead we have to prop the lids open for a couple of hours per day. Their customer service man told me this was the first time they had received this request as it’s not an issue when the bin is closed and bags tied which I found strange.

  20. Lisa Duffy (verified owner)

    Excellent value for money and glad we decided to purchase this one compared to others available on the market

  21. Irene (verified owner)

    I bought the triple bin store and it looks so much better than three wheelie bins. I needed help to put it together as it’s a big unit and needs holes drilling but once done it looks great.

  22. Tony B (verified owner)

    Outstanding product and easy to assemble.

  23. Anton Morgan (verified owner)

    A great storage unit, very solid and looks great. Much better than having to see our bins.

  24. Carrie (verified owner)

    Looks great now one of our gardeners has assembled it. But why should we have to dispose of the pallet ourselves? The delivery driver greeted me with a wall of silence when I insisted he should unpack the product and take it away for us.

  25. R Heart (verified owner)

    Fabulous bit of kit for my wheelie bins. We’ve had some great comments from neighbours.

  26. Michael Story (verified owner)

    Just what we wanted to house the bins, sensibly designed and simple to use. It stands strong in blustery Cumbria conditions. My only gripe is that I had to take a days holiday from work as no drive for the haulage firm to leave it on.

  27. Audrey Simms (verified owner)

    Received a phone call a few days after ordering to pick a suitable delivery date. Didn’t arrive until after 4 on the day it was booked in for which was frustrating. Looks great, very solid and much more pleasant to look at compared to drab, dirty bins.

  28. Ian R (verified owner)

    Purchased late 2018 and wanted to hold off on writing a review until I’d had some experience. I’m impressed with the design and the quality of the timber. It did take a while to build, perhaps the instructions are a little vague, but I’m no DIY expert. One thing to point out, the base it sits on must be near perfectly level to ensure little to no movement. A slight slope meant we had to alter its location, as anything less than level prevents the doors from lining up neat.

  29. Sue (verified owner)

    Well built robust and sturdy, This store is exactly what we wanted. Extremely well built, and easy to move the bins in and out for collection.

  30. M Jackson (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Looks great.

  31. Julie (verified owner)

    Excellent product, delivered on time. We have painted ours and it looks fantastic.

  32. Anne (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my triple wheelie bin storage.

    It is very high quality and looks fantastic.

  33. Julie (verified owner)

    Good product but delivery took longer than expected. We had guests coming over but it did not arrive in time and having the wheelie bins on show was not ideal.

  34. Karen Joyce (verified owner)

    Excellent product really pleased with it. It was well worth waiting for it.

  35. Rob (verified owner)

    Very good quality, fair price, easy assembly, friends and family have also ordered after seeing mine.

  36. Jon (verified owner)

    Quality product, looks great. Delivery a bit slow.

  37. Helen (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with this triple bin store. It arrived on time strapped on a pallet which was unloaded to exactly where I wanted it. It took me about four hours to put together and looks a hundred times better than standalone bins.

  38. M Hall (verified owner)

    What a great product, very well made and looks fantastic once constructed.

  39. Abigail (verified owner)

    Absolutely fabulous product, very easy to assemble. It makes my back garden look beautiful. Arrived on time, exactly as described. Everyone should have one!

  40. Wendy Campbell-Black (verified owner)

    Not happy we had to dispose of the pallet ourselves!

  41. David C (verified owner)

    Very impressed. The people at Storage Direct were very friendly and helpful. The goods arrived dead on time by a very friendly driver.
    My triple bin store was easy to put together, took about six hours all told but that was mainly because passers-by kept stopping and wanting to talk about it. They were all similarly impressed.

  42. R Davies (verified owner)

    Excellent all round buying experience, arranged a delivery date, the bin storage turned up and was excellent value for money and good sturdy quality. Good instructions and easy to assemble. Thanks.

  43. D Martin (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, quick delivery with good communication.

  44. Lisa (verified owner)

    Great bin store but delivery driver left it on our neighbours drive instead of ours.

  45. S Bennett (verified owner)

    Very pleased, well made and much better than looking at the bins.

  46. Stacey Cardwell (verified owner)

    Good quality, highly recommended.

  47. Michelle (verified owner)

    Excellent service, good communication, good product. Very pleased. Thank you.

  48. Jane Morley (verified owner)

    Very very pleased! Looks just as good as the pics.

  49. Sam Webb (verified owner)

    Very good delivery service and nice quality product.

  50. Mr Leadley (verified owner)

    This bin store is a good, sturdy item that looks good. We let it weather for a few months as recommended by your customer service and have since painted it and the wife loves it. The delivery was on time as promised too and the driver was helpful.

  51. Allie (verified owner)

    It looks so much nicer than just having the bins on the patio. We had someone to put it together, but I think it was quite straight forward. Would definitely recommend

  52. Julia (verified owner)

    We have had bin store in the past, but this chest is far superior in strength and durability. This is an excellent product!

  53. Shirley Clarke (verified owner)

    This bin store was quite easy to put together, it took my husband and a joiner an hour and a half. It looks fantastic in situe and hides the bins beautifully. Will look even nicer when painted. The lids are a very design. Can highly recommend this practical storage solution to hide the unsightly bins!

  54. Rick D (verified owner)

    Simple,strong and well made.

  55. Mark Watson (verified owner)

    The construction of this bin store is very solid. There’s plenty of room in each compartment for my 240 litre bins. If you are buying, make sure you have a level floor space for it.

    The wooden lids with the chain connecting to the bin lids are convenient. And overall we found the the instructions easy to follow and it does go to together quite intuitively if you have built things like this befoe. It’s definitely a two-people assembly job and you definitely need an electric screwdriver. If delivery was quicker I’d give a 5* rating.

  56. Michael Kirby (verified owner)

    The bin store looks great. Flat foundations help product sit the best so ideally you want this on level ground. Took a good few hours to put together. Instructions not quite up to Ikea standards but sufficient.

  57. Mark Holmes (verified owner)

    Very well made product, felt very robust when putting it together. Good customer service too, recommend that I let it weather for a few months first before painting to ensure the treatment oxidised.

  58. Sarah Willis (verified owner)

    This triple storage unit is a wonderful way of storing those ugly wheelie bins in front of our house! I’m so pleased with the classy appearance wood, it’s worth every penny. It was delivered quickly and we put it together without any hassle – the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Ten out of ten.

  59. Miss. Romanowska

    I bought this because I was sick of the foxes getting into our bin and it’s completely solved the problem. It arrived on time and it didn’t take long to make. The wood hides the plastic bins and looks like fencing but I’d say it would be easy to paint to match the surroundings. The bolts work smoothly so it’s easy to get at the bin when I have to.

  60. Eric Watson

    The wheelie bin storage unit has made my front garden look a lot smarter and it was easy to set up. It has separate doors at the front and three lids that lift right out of the way so I can get at the bins without any trouble. It looks like a small wooden shed which is much better than having bins on show. Delivery and packaging were both satisfactory.

  61. S. Hilton (verified owner)

    An excellent product, delivered exactly as promised. Well made and easy to assemble by following simple, but comprehensive, instructions. Redwood finish looks fine as it is, but can be treated with creosote or paint I believe. Either way, much more pleasing aesthetically than three wheelie bins and good value for money.

  62. Mr. Walker

    Great service and really helpful staff who answered all my queries over the live chat. Placed my order online and the whole process was quick and painless. Delivery was made in 2 days and very happy with the item. Just make sure you have an electric screwdriver or drill when putting it together as it will save you so much time!

  63. H. Mills

    This is perfect, exactly what we were looking for. We keep ours in the garden and use it to store our garden waste bin as well as the recycle bin and standard bin. It’s the perfect size for three normal sized wheelie bins, although it would have been nice to have a little space to put in my food waste bin as well, but that’s only small so we just leave it next to this.

  64. Jean Ward

    I am very happy with my purchase. I bought the triple wheelie bin store and it looks great outside of my house. My three bins fit in there easily and it’s very good quality. Thank you for emailing to confirm sizes before dispatch. It was simple to construct, even if it did take two of us, and the delivery was quick and hassle free. I also find that it helps to prevent passers-by from chucking their rubbish in our bin! Worth every penny.

  65. Sally De Ruiter

    I am really pleased with my new triple wheelie bin store. Delivery took a week which is why I am giving 4 stars but the product arrived as described. The bin store is made of high-quality wood and is very sturdy. I found the instructions easy to follow and with a little help from a friend, we were able to erect the bin store with no problems.

  66. Mr. Hawthorn

    I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of wheelie bins as they ruin the look of my front garden and it is impossible for me to bring them through to the back of the house. A wooden wheelie bin store seemed to be my best option and it certainly was. My bin store arrived within a couple of days and although I had to assemble it myself it was a fairly simple task. I painted it dark green to take the natural look off it and to blend in with the surroundings et voila! Thanks for the excellent service. Mr. Hawthorn

  67. Rachel (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The storage unit is quite large because it’s made to fit three wheelie bins but the wood blends in so well that it doesn’t stick out. The delivery was exactly when it was meant to be and I found it easy to fit together. As I only have two bins, I have been able to use the extra space for storing gardening tools.

  68. D. Fordyce

    After going around garden centres and searching the web we found Wheelie Bin Storage Direct. Very informative photography and all dimensions listed which made measuring up easily. When our bin store was delivered we were missing a couple of bolts for the doors, emailed them and they were on the case straight away. 10/10.

  69. Mrs. Beaumont

    I really like this from a functional point of view. It does exactly what it says in that it keeps the bins out of sight. They say it’s treated so it doesn’t rot and it looks like it is but I wish they’d used some coloured wood stain or paint as it doesn’t match our garden. Nothing that a lick of paint didn’t fix though, and it’s really sturdy and strong.

  70. P Kitson (verified owner)

    Efficient, friendly and give good customer service. Delivery took a while which was a shame but was kept informed so would recommend them. Bin store looks great too.

  71. Jean Davis

    An excellent product to keep bins securely locked away. We had a problem with foxes getting into our rubbish, but this has kept them out. Our wheelie bins fit inside easily. Our patio looks a lot tidier with the 3 unsightly bins now hidden. We’ve only had it for about a month, but it looks like it’s built to last.

  72. M. Wooley (verified owner)

    Dealing with Wheelie Bin Storage Direct was easy and everything worked as promised. Delivery was swift and driver was very helpful.

  73. Mr. Heald

    This triple wheelie bin store is a great way to remove the unsightly view of bins from any garden. Good amount of capacity and hold my three wheelie bins easily.

    I found it quite tricky to put together and had to ring up a couple of times for some advice which was helpful but would have just preferred to get on with it. I would recommend 2 people for putting it together.

  74. Carol (verified owner)

    Good website with lots of pictures and dimensions so you get a really good idea of what you are getting. Delivery was fine and the product good quality also.

  75. Alice (verified owner)

    Great service – delivered on time with the minimum of fuss. Wheelie bin store is good quality and easy to put up.

  76. Ralph Garbutt (verified owner)

    excellent service quick delivery and really well made looks great. Easy to assemble Thanks

  77. Lisa Everett

    Practical and great looking. Now my bins are tucked away out of sight. Thanks.

  78. Daniel Rawlings

    Really well made product that is solidly built. It was pretty easy to put together too even for a DIY novice like me. Cheers.

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